The Historical Jesus

H.William Schmitt

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God Meets the Historical Jesus.

a Dialogue with God Almighty and Jesus

The understanding of the Historical Jesus is the understanding of 1st century Judaism…they are inseparable. Jesus was a physician of the Soul.

Why write a book about the search for the historical Jesus? I was born, raised, educated, and lived a life believing in Jesus Christ without checking the validity of the facts. That is unwise! This manuscript is historical fiction based upon an imaginary dialogue between God and the Historical Jesus. The answers given by the historical Jesus is designed for a “personal Quest” for the historical Jesus.

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This book is a dialogue between the founders of world religions and God Almighty. The founders are: Amaterusu-o-Mikami, the goddess of Shintoism, Baha’u’llah, the founder of the Baha’i Faith, Confucius, the founder of Confucism, Guru Nanth Dev, the first guru of Sikhism, Jesus Christ, the second person of triune god of Christianity, Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism, Muhammad, the founder of the Islam, Moses, the receiver of the Torah (Law) written and oral of Judaism, Siddharta Gautama, the final Buddha of Buddhism, Vardhama Mahavira, the founder of Jainism, Vishnu, the preserver of the triune god of Hinduism, and Zarathustra, the founder of Zoroastrianism. If knowledge of world religions has touched your curious self you
will enjoy this read.


This book is a dialogue between great world philosophers and God Almighty. Philosophers are: Arthur Schopenhauer (German): Avicenna (Latinized) – Ibn Sina (Persian): Benedict de Spinoza (Dutch): Dante Alighieri (Italian): Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (German): Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (German): Immanuel Kant (German): Ludwig Feuerbach (German): Miguel de Unamuno (Spanish): Nicolas Malebranche (French): Pythagoras of Samos (Greek): Rene Descartes (French): Vladimir Solovyev (Russian): William James (American): and Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. Each member gives their philosophical perspective. One question is: Does man have the right to question the Creator since the Creator questions him? If you are eager to learn how God and man see life you will enjoy the stimulating dialogue.


This is a dialogue between famous theologians and God Almighty. The theologians are: Al-Ghazali, Ambrose, Anslem of Canterbury, Augustine of Hippo, Averroes (Ibn-Rushid), Bernard of Clairvaux, Desiderius Erasmus, Friedrich Schleiermacher, Issac ben Solomon Luria, Jacobus Arminius, Jakob Boehme, John Calvin, John Wesley, Friedrich Constantin von Tischendorf, Marcion of Sinope, Martin Luther, Moses Maimonides, Nicholas of Cusa, Origin of Alexandria, Paul Tillich, Tertullian, Thomas Aquinas, Valentinus, and Plato. Since theologians are now part of yes-ter-day since the end of the Reformation Period it is refreshing to hear expertise on theological issues. So you have any issues that trouble you now this read would be very profitable.


This book is a dialogue between renowned psychiatrists: Albert Ellis, Alfred Adler, Carl Justav Jung, Carl Rogers, Erich Fromm, Josef Breuer, Karen Horney, Karl Menninger, R. D. Laing, Scott Peck, Sigmund Freud, Viktor Emil Frankl, and Rudolf Otto. Since we live in an environment of stress and anxiety psychiatrists and psychologists play an important role in dealing with pressure placed upon the people of our society. Dealing with is now front-and-center. If you are one of those affected by stress you will enjoy reading what leaders in this field have to say.


H. William Schmitt’s favorite is doing seminars. I will do weekend seminars on Friday evening, all day Saturday with dinner to answer questions from the audience, and a final Sunday morning of historical findings from research over the past forty-years.

About the author

H.William Schmitt’s religious journey started from childhood Catholicism moving on to Protestant churches, the Bible Church, with a short stop along the way to view Judaism and Unitarianism. After seminary and exploration of Psychology and Philosophy I turned to writing. Now after 20 years on writing it is now time to share my thoughts with those interested in acquiring knowledge of various religious beliefs. My book on the religions of the earth produced twelve fundamental belief systems in the search for the All-Mighty God.